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Miracles Come in Moments

My name is Susan Levine and my story begins on December 25, 2016. While celebrating the holiday season with my husband, son, Adam, daughter-in-law, Rita, and grandchildren, Ella, 2 ½, and Asher, 5 months, the unthinkable happened. Rita heard Ella make an unusual noise and found my granddaughter unconscious. Almost simultaneously, my son discovered that Asher was beginning to have seizures.

We were deep in the Sierra Mountains and it took responders 45 minutes to arrive and another 45 minutes to reach the closest hospital. Minutes seemed like hours and hours felt like days. 

We had been exposed to carbon monoxide. Carbon monoxide poisoning can cause permanent damage to the central nervous system and the inhalation of even small amounts can be fatal. My grandchildren needed help, and they needed it fast. The local hospital recommended we get the children to John Muir Health, Walnut Creek Medical Center immediately as it was the only hospital in Northern California that used hyperbaric oxygen therapy as part of its trauma care and had chambers large enough to hold a parent and child. The children were rushed by ambulance over 100 miles to John Muir Health.

Today, Ella and Asher are healthy and happy. And, not a day goes by that I don’t think about almost losing them. The outstanding work of the physicians, nurses and staff, especially on a holiday, made the lifesaving difference in my grandchildren’s recovery.

Your continued and generous support of John Muir Health is invaluable. Your gift today will help save the lives of many others.

 With sincere appreciation,


 Susan Levine

Grandmother to Ella and Asher

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