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Cardiovascular Services

Whether it’s diagnosing asymptomatic atrial fibrillation, helping to manage heart failure, providing emergency treatment to a severe heart attack or performing open- heart or minimally invasive heart valve replacement surgery, John Muir Health offers a full spectrum of cardiovascular services that span both our Walnut Creek and Concord hospitals. You can be part of our extraordinary Cardiovascular Services team by joining us today and making a gift to sustain and enhance John Muir Health’s cardiovascular program and facilities.

Cardiac Conditioning

John Muir Health’s Cardiac Conditioning Program greatly improves the heart health of men and women who have experienced cardiac surgery, cardiac intervention or who have heart disease. Cardiac conditioning helps heart patients of any age recover, resume normal activities, and reduce the chance of further heart problems.  Your gift today provides the opportunity for men and women to improve their heart health and live longer.

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Cardiovascular Research

As a community-based hospital system, John Muir Health is unique in having the infrastructure to perform top-notch cardiovascular clinical research.  Patients can benefit from opportunities to be among the first to receive new technology and treatments that can greatly improve their overall health and quality of life.  John Muir Health’s cardiovascular research program conducts many of the same important trials as major academic medical centers.

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Cardiovascular Surgery

Cardiac surgery continues to evolve and John Mur Health is dedicated to being on the leading-edge.  By using emerging technologies and collaborating with other physicians to perform new, innovative procedures, our cardiac surgeons are finding more ways to save lives and help prevent future cardiac events.

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Cardiac Rhythm Center

John Muir Health has been at the forefront of treating abnormal heart rhythms for nearly two decades.  The vision and dedication of leadership, administrators, and physicians, along with the support of the community, has helped evolve John Muir Health’s Cardiovascular Institute into the best-in-class destination heart center that it is today.

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